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Linux ARM based smart cameras

Vision Components Z Series | Linux Arm Based Smart Cameras

Vision Components have revolutionised their freely programmable smart cameras with the launch of the Z series.

The innovative features included in all smart-cameras in the Z-Series range are:

  • Linux® operating system
  • Xilinx® ZYNQ® module ARM Cortex™-A9 with 866 MHz with integrated FPGA
  • Up to 4.2 Megapixel sensors
  • Free vision libraries
  • All have built-in I/O and Ethernet connections for ease of integration.

This combination allows the mass audience of Linux® software programmers to program smart cameras whilst enjoying the well documented benefits of open platform software via the ready-to-use VC Linux operation system.
The integrated ARM processor provides high performance with low power consumption alongside unrestricted FPGA programming to suit the needs of the user working up to 10 times faster than non-FPGA.
A selection of industrial quality camera chips across the range gives choices of resolution and colour. Options include remote heads, board level, housed and IP67 sealed versions.
In addition, the highly optimised VC Lib gives users access to a comprehensive library with more than 300 functions for machine vision tasks, ready to use and free of charge
Optional power-packs are available offering speed enhancements to make full use of the FPGA or it is possible to optimise your own function for FPGA processing and speed improvement.