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Machine Vision Training | Customer Support

As part of our programme of customer support we provide tailored training courses, which can be run in-house or on-site. This training is typically provided to small groups to ensure that attendees get the most out of our hands-on sessions.

Our provision covers two types of training: system specific training and general machine vision.

System specific training

We provide system specific training to cover all aspects of an installed machine vision system, including:

  • Operator level training, covering daily interaction and basic fault-finding
  • Maintenance training, covering details on areas such as cleaning procedures
  • Set-up level training for key personnel to create and edit tests, and understand what can and cannot be done with the system.

General machine vision training

We provide courses in the general principles and science behind machine vision, which are not specific to any equipment brand, as well as practical sessions, covering:

  • Lighting technology
  • Optics
  • Image processing techniques