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CARRIDA Licence Plate Recognition Software | ANPR | ALPR

CARRIDA is a software module for automatic license plate recognition primarily designed for kinds of ALPR/ANPR applications.

The CARRIDA software engine itself is hardware independent and running both Windows® and Linux® on PC and ARM® architectures. With its flexible basis, our CARRIDA products operate reliably everywhere, where license plates are detected - worldwide.

Your options with CARRIDA

CARRIDA Software Engine

This powerful OEM library is easy to integrate into existing ITS applications and recognizes reliably number plates/licence plates in high-speed.

CARRIDA Park Management Tool

OEM Software module for automated vehicle access control. The CARRIDA Software Engine recognizes the licence plates reliably, the system itself is a database GUI solution.

CARRIDA CAM Hardware Package

The CARRIDA CAM power package is based on the VC Z series and combines all necessary components in one housing. The system is available with or without housing.

VC Flash

OEM lighting mo­dule with 24 high power LEDs for mobile and stationary ANPR/ALPR applications

VC Q-Boad

Upgrade your IP system quickly and easily with the VC Q-Board to get an intelligent ITS system!


  • Access Control : Access to restricted areas granted automatically, e.g. for parking areas, closed or partly closed roads like pedestrian zones or company or private grounds.
  • Law Enforcement : Toll control; speed control; support of police search e.g. with onboard cameras
  • Urban Planning and Traffic : Traffic analysis and statistics, traffic management systems, public security.
  • Fleet Management : Vehicle maintenance and control, linking parameters like weight etc. to plates.