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Preview image of VCQ-Board Flyer

VCQ-Board Flyer

VCQ-Board -Quick and easy conversion of existing IP cameras into intelligent ITS systems, while requiring very little extra space.

Preview image of CARRIDA CAM Flyer


Probably the world’s smallest stand-alone ALPR/ANPR camera solution

Powerful software engine in combination with intelligent camera running ARM®/Linux®

Preview image of CARRIDA Park Management System Flyer

CARRIDA Park Management System Flyer

The CARRIDA Park Management Tool is a smart and easy to integrate OEM SW module for automated vehicle access to restricted areas of all kinds.

Preview image of CARRIDA Software Flyer

CARRIDA Software Flyer

CARRIDA Software Engine flyer

- pdf - 639.50 KB

Preview image of VC-Z Flyer

VC-Z Flyer

VC-Z series Hardware and Software flyer and VC range overview

VC-Z Flyer
VC Range Overview
Preview image of VC Smart Camera Range

VC Smart Camera Range

Range overview of the freely-programmable VC Smart Cameras including the new VC-Z range

Preview image of Vicolux Overview Table

Vicolux Overview Table

All of the Vision & Control standard lights as an overview table

Vicolux Overview
Preview image of Download vcwin® pro 2.21

Download vcwin® pro 2.21

Download VCWin 2.21 (46MB) for all Vicosys and Pictor systems.

Fully backward compatible with older systems.

Suitable for Windows PCs using windows XP and newer - please contact us for older versions of windows

Vcwin pro 2.21 en
Vcwin pro 2.21.1 setup