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MVTec HALCON Embedded running on Vision Component cameras

Fisher Smith has a long relationship with MVTec as a Certified Integration Partner for their Halcon machine vision library. So we are very excited to announce that MVTec, an expert for machine vision software, has ported its HALCON Embedded software to intelligent cameras from Vision Components (VC), which opens new possibilities for VC users. HALCON is a comprehensive standard software with an integrated development environment for machine vision tasks that is used worldwide. Its versatile software architecture enables fast application development to meet the demands of industrial and medical imaging. MVTec has ported the complete new HALCON 11 software library. Users can develop applications on a standard PC and upload those to the Smart Camera, which is then able to use HALCON's entire machine vision functionality.
Vision Components develops freely programmable embedded solutions for all application fields. If required, custom-tailored solutions are possible. Featuring a modular design, all VC Smart Cameras can be easily modified at any time: users can choose from a wide range of sensors, memory modules, processors, and interfaces. In most cases, development costs are minimal thanks to their well-thought out construction. The powerful intelligent cameras from VC are used for quality control and process monitoring across many industry branches. Combined with the universal, reliable HALCON software, they provide users with a complete machine vision solution.

As a certified integration partner for MVTec's Halcon we would be pleased to discuss your custom requirements and similarly talk to any Halcon users that want to benefit from porting their software to our freely programmable Vision Components hardware range of smart cameras.

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