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Telecentric Lenses

​What are Telecentric Lenses?

With this lens type image scale does not vary with distance so objects do not look larger if they are closer. These lenses are also typically very low distortion and are ideal for

  • Accurate measurement tasks
  • Microscopy
  • Inspecting objects with depth & holes (i.e. deep honeycomb sections, turned/formed parts etc).
  • High contrast inspection of glass and reflective surfaces

Measurement applications are the most typical Telecentric arena where the benefits are particularly strond and obvious. Almost no distortion across the whole image means consistent measurements wherever the object appears. With a telecentric light the images give defined, repeatable edges on shiny, curved or deep parts unlike diffuse backlights - this in turn enables accurate and highly repeatable measurements to be made. Also the lack of perspective distortion gives the added benefit of the part measuring the same even if it is closer or further from the camera.

We have a complete range of lenses at our disposal from 10x magnification right through to large area imaging for a wide variety of tasks.

Range of magnifications : 10x to 0.03x Range of Fields of View: 0.4x0.3mm to 360x230mm Versions designed with extended working distances - especially practical for many machine vision applications.

Consider the complementary range of Telecentric lights for especially high-contrast and accurate imaging for measurement tasks.

Customised versions are also available for OEM or volume applications with high-resolving powers or particularly long or short working distances. With or without adjustable aperture etc - just contact us with your requirement