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RNA MK360 Glass Disk Inspection System on show

Fisher Smith recently joined forces with RNA Automation to produce a demonstration cell of RNA's MK360 Glass Disk inspection system.

The system was demonstrated at Southern Manufacturing in Farnborough, UK and is lined up for several other shows through the year.

The machine bowl feeds parts onto a rotating glass disk allowing inspection from above, below and to the side.

We specified Vision & Control components throughout including a Vicosys 4400 multi-camera inspection system with 2 off 4MP Basler GigE cameras. The cameras view the part from below and from the side using T152/0.36 telecentric lenses. The side view camera uses a PSO90-150 prism to save space and views the part in silhouette illuminated by a TZB30-R telecentric backlight. The underside camera uses an RK2036-R compact ringlight. Graphic output from the vision system is displayed on a 19" monitor mounted inside the machine enclosure. The system inspects for thread presence and length from the side and completeness from the underside.

Much interest was shown in the demonstration system and highlighted both companies abilities in providing complex yet compact inspection solutions.



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