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New Telecentric Microscope Lenses for Large-Format Imagers

The new telecentric microscope lenses, with their many application possibilities, are the latest product innovation from Vision & Control. They enable precise measurement, especially of the smallest objects. A choice of fixed and adjustable aperture additionally allows the user to adapt the exposure to specific requirements.
The 'TOM' range of lenses, with robust industrial design, have been specially developed to meet the requirements of industry with regard to precise measurements of the smallest objects. Compatible with large camera chips up to 35 mm and DX format, the TOM lenses enable comprehensive capture of details when measuring small components.
The long working distance of up to 140 mm or even more and the maximum camera distance of 400 mm offer flexibility in positioning the camera and allow a comfortable working environment.
With a spectral range from monochromatic light across the visual spectrum to near infrared, the lenses offer a wide range of applications, both in visible light and infrared-based applications.
It is important to note that the TOM lenses can be used in combination with an MK190 series microscope tube for C-mount cameras. This specially developed accessory ensures optimal image quality and easy handling of the TOM lenses including on-axis lighting.

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