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Freely Programmable Smart Cameras

The all-in one freely programmable vision solution. Built in camera, processor, 24V digital IO, communication, storage and more with board level or industrial housed variants.

Programmable Smart Cameras | Intelligent VC Cameras​

Intelligent VC-Cameras make it possible!

  • Vision Components make high quality industrial machine vision products which are developed and produced in Germany. As International market leaders for freely programmable Smart Cameras for image processing, VC have the ideal solution for cost-efficient production with optimal quality. In complete autonomy, our Smart Cameras reliably check in real time exact compliance of individual production steps.
  • Idealy suited for repeat/OEM applications
  • Board level and housed variants are available
  • Multi-headed / multiple camera systems are available

Choice of platforms all - choose from:

  • Multi-core ARM processors with a programmable FPGA running LINUX for optimal flexibility and compatibility
  • High-performance Texas Instruments DSP utilising the optminised VCRT operating system

Smart Cameras in industrial image processing

  • Thanks to their built-in intelligence, Smart Cameras can replace fully-fledged PC systems in a wide range of industrial applications. Equipped with high-performance processors, they are suitable for use as stand-alone image processing systems in demanding applications, such as measuring tasks and quality checks. Moreover, the compact devices offer new integration possibilities for machine and plant designers, thereby reducing costs.
  • The Smart Cameras can be freely programmed in C and C++


  • The smart cameras can be freely programmed to suit your application in C/C++
  • Applications are programmed in an integrated development environment on a PC.
  • A comprehensive and highly optimised image processing library, VCLIB, is provided free of charge
  • Other industry standard libraries can be used for example, Open CV and Halcon
  • Vision Components also regularly offers introductory seminars on programming and image processing basics. Additionally, internet tutorials are available at