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Lenses & Optics

​Industrial standard and Telecentric lenses

Image quality produced by machine vision systems is strongly influenced by the optics chosen as part of your lighting set up. We only work with and supply lenses and optics designed for use in industrial environments as we understand that they must remain robust and precise under the hardest production conditions. All of our lenses have lockable adjustments to ensure reliability of your image once in use and the range is complemented by a suite of accessories: filters, beam deflectors and mirror adapters for coaxial lighting.

We also supply customised designs to suit specific OEM requirements.

The range includes

Standard Lenses

  • Wide angle to long focal lengths
  • All with locking screws
  • Fixed focus lenses
  • Fixed focus with 90 degree prisms

Telecentric Lenses for measurement and inspection of parts with depth

  • Microscopic lenses up to 10x magnification
  • Measurement lenses
  • Wide-field telecentrics for large objects

Specialist lenses

  • Multiple views with one lens
  • Pericentric lenses for seeing the exterior sides of parts from above
  • lenses for imaging the inside surfaces of holes


  • Colour, Neutral and polarising filters
  • Mountings and holders
  • On-axis lighting adaptors