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Ring Lights

Ring lights offer a very convenient means of lighting an object from the camera side, the ring of light allows the camera to see through the middle whilst giving a spread of light on the object below. We have a range of ring lights in different diameters most of which have interchangeable lenses allowing the light to be diffused or focussed into a bright spot rather than a ring.

The proximity of the light to the camera often means that the mechanical mounting of the light is simplified as it can either

  • Be connected to the end of the lens via an adaptor
  • Be clamped to the camera
  • Be mounted off the same bracket the camera is mounted on

Best suited for applications where direct, on-axis light is required, usually to highlight flat or reflective features as bright in the image.

For some similar applications, for example if an off-axis/angled light is required or if you are illuminating larger areas and require high uniformity to the edges of the image an Area Light (with camera though-hole) could be a better choice.