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3 new Ringlights nest for maximum flexibility

Vision & Control presents three new coaxial ring lighting series RK2036, RK3652 and RK5268, which can all be combined. The diameters of the ring lights are compatible, allowing the three different sizes in the series to fit together.

The combination of the ring lights in different wavelengths allows users to switch back and forth between the different colours. The advantage for customers is that they can choose from a wide range of combinations and put together the best solution for their particular application. This gives the option of selecting the most appropriate lighting quickly and cost-effectively in the testing phase of systems. Costs and development time are thus eliminated for specially designed models. 22 nominal wavelengths and a large range of accessories including attachment rings, polarisers, Fresnel lenses, diffusers and lens adapters allow quick, versatile and simple solutions for many industrial applications to be created from standard products.

Another interesting application for the combination of ring lights is the illumination of angular or curved surfaces. This includes the inspection of soldering points and printed circuit boards with mounted components (automated optical inspection - AOI), the position determination of fiducial markers and components in the semiconductor industry, print checks and the control of damage to plastic closure caps and crown caps in the beverage industry. In 3D applications, the combination of ring lights is utilised to produce light from different directions and also in different colours, where required.

The highly-efficient and bright LED lighting in the vicolux® RK2036, RK3652 and RK5268 series is built into an ultra compact body. They are only 12.6 mm in height, the outer diameter of the smallest ring is 71.5 mm and the outer diameter of the largest ring is 135.35 mm. The inner diameter measurements are coordinated so that the next smallest ring fits into them. Despite their compact height, they have an integrated control unit with control and stabilisation electronics. The lighting can be dimmed, and can also provide three times the brightness in pulse mode and up to ten times the brightness in flash operation. Thanks to their low net weight, the lights are particularly suitable in a pick & place environment. Integrated cable connectors enable quick commissioning. The ring lights are watertight (IP67) and therefore suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

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