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Configurable Smart Cameras

​Designed for ease of use and speed of setup, our range of configurable smart cameras all come with an array of standard tests and functions to solve most machine vision problems. Free setup software can be run on any PC running windows giving you a straightforward interface to create your tests. No programming skill is required as the tests are created from a menu selection and entering some key values.

We supply the Pictor range of smart cameras from Germany chosen for their excellent hardware capabilities and simple but powerful software.

We also supply the full range of Cognex In-Sight smart cameras chosen for their powerful software, fully featured programming environment and wide range of interfaces

Direct connection of periphery devices via Ethernet, RS232 and digital I/Os allows near real-time reaction to events. As well as standard cameras, IP67 solutions are also available for use in sensitive areas.
Our all-in-one devices combine perfectly coordinated optics, lighting and image processing units. Variable inspection, testing and measurement
functions as well as intuitive operation, parameterisation and test routine setting allow highly efficient use in almost all applications.