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Pick and place robot with smart camera for brake pad components

Pick and place of brake pad components with Kawasaki Y series robot and Cognex Insight 7400 smart camera

Technology Partners

Fisher Smith worked with Multimech Solutions in Buxton.

Multimech Solutions is a formidable force in Industrial Automation & Machine Design, providing customer-focused solutions to industrial projects of all sizes across a wide range of applications.

Outline of the requirement

Multimech needed to pick and place brake pad parts into a turnover jig prior to other downstream processes, the parts are continually fed on a conveyor requiring a vision system to identify parts on the belt and generate co-ordinates for the robot to pick from.

Overview of the solution

Multimech selected a Kawasaki Y series robot for the task and a vision system to calculate and send component co-ordinates to the robot to enable it to pick the parts. The conveyor moves continuously with the vision system upstream of the robot which in turn picks parts from the moving conveyor based on the co-ordinates generated by the vision system.

Vision technologies used

A Cognex In-Sight 7400 smart camera was selected for the task with illumination from a Vision & Control FALKD11 red LED through-hole area light. The camera is calibrated using the calibration tool and the PatMax pattern recognition tool is all that is needed to provide reliable co-ordinate generation. The camera connects to the robot controller via Ethernet

Company Info

Fisher Smith design and supply machine vision systems for automatic inspection and identification of manufactured parts on industrial production lines and supply high quality vision components to other machine vision suppliers, integrators and OEMs.

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