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Cognex Vision-Pro

Cognex Vision Pro | PC-based Vision Software

VisionPro® software is the leading PC-based vision software that empowers users to quickly set up and deploy even the most challenging 2D and 3D vision applications—no matter which camera or frame grabber they use.

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VisionPro® is capable of many different functions and it is found in industry doing jobs such as geometric object location and inspection; identification, measurement, and alignment, as well as very specific tasks required by semiconductor and electronics applications.

  • Proven in more than 700,000 installations worldwide, the VisionPro tool library performs a wide range of functions from geometric object location and inspection to identification and measurement.
  • Powerful vision tools (including PatMax®, LineMax™, OCRMax™ and IDMax®) perform accurate and repeatable inspections.
  • With an extensive .NET class library and user controls, users can fully integrate VisionPro software into automation equipment.
  • Cognex Designer and VisionPro QuickBuild™ let you configure acquisition, select and optimize vision tools and make pass/fail decision without programming.
  • Fully compatible with latest Windows® environments and supports Microsoft 64-bit operating systems to meet the demands of larger cameras and greater pixel depth.
  • Supports a broad range of Cognex Industrial Cameras and most 3rd party cameras through the Cognex Acquisition Alliance program.

VisionPro® has a library of pattern matching, blob, caliper, line location, image filtering, OCR, and OCV vision tools. Talk to us about how they could work for your application.

VisionPro QuickBuild

Application development is as complex as you want to make it but easy to apply using the development tools available. You can develop applications using C# and VB or programme and configure from scratch. Go / no go decisions can be configured with or without programming and the drag and drop system makes the communication of results, images and values easy. With the flexibility the system offers, development time is shortened as you can approach the task in your preferred way.

Deep learning image analysis

VisionPro connects with VisionPro ViDi, the first deep learning industrial image analysis software using API. Where inspection needs are very complex this optimised technology can deal with location and classification, as well as optical character recognition. VisionPro is comfortably the best quality inspectors software out there.

VisionPro image capture and integration

VisionPro software is not limited to Cognex machine vision hardware and can be used across many different smart cameras or frame grabbers whether they operate in analog, digital, colour, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel, or multiplexed approaches.

If you would like to discuss how Cognex Vision-Pro can work for you, get in touch.