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Machine Vision Software Solutions

We are fully trained and experienced in developing applications utilising the worlds leading software libraries for machine vision. This gives us un paralleled access to the best tools and allows us to create solutions that are either entirely bespoke or more off-the-peg.

  • Cognex VisionPro - for years this has been the standard in machine vision tasks and offers the mix of customisation and ready-to-go customisation and linking of vision tools
  • Cognex Designer - Allowing us to make application GUIs and back-ends based on a standard framework and utilising Vision Pro for the image processing. The ideal combination for handover to experienced customers
  • Cognex VisionPro Deep Learning - a revolutionary approach which can solve applications otherwise un-touchable by standard vision techniques. Based on Deep Learning technologies.
  • Halcon - utilised in our own, RoboVis & GenVis products or we are able to create custom application to suit. The most extensive library available with operators for almost every application area from code reading, OCR, classification, segmentation, 2-D, 3-D imaging with support for almost any combination and architecture of camera