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Vision-Control Pictor Series

Pictor Smart Camera Vision Control Series| N | M | T

The Pictor Smart Camera is an intelligent camera system combining an image acquisition sensor, frame-grabber and a central processing unit with communication interfaces. These cameras are highly compact systems simultaneously exhibiting high-performance, a high degree of flexibility and user-friendly operation. The extensive range of functions available also makes it possible to provide solutions in quality assurance for complex tasks combining inspection and measurement. Specially designed hardware for Machine Vision and software perfectly tailored to the hardware allows extremely rapid and precise measurement. State-of-the-art hardware features such as ’parallel processing’ or the ’5µs high-speed shutter’ are married to comprehensive, highly complex but user-friendly Machine Vision software. Different Smart Cameras, with a range of different capabilities, provide the right camera for the task at hand, hence lowering project costs. The repertoire of pictor systems includes systems with various resolutions and processing speeds, b/w and colour systems. pictor is the ideal compact Machine Vision system for the high-speed, value-for-money and high-precision solution of individual measuring and inspection tasks.

Pictor N Series

  • High-performance system for all applications
  • Compact design: 80 mm x 45 mm x 20 mm
  • Innovative CMOS sensors of the highest precision and performance
  • Process interfaces: opto-decoupled digital I/Os, Ethernet
  • Range of functions is compatible with the vicosys® vision systems
  • Consistent functional and operating concept
  • Processor Type: Dual-Core ARM® Cortex® -A9 with 866 MHz and integrated FPGA
  • Resolutions from 752x480 to 1600x1200
  • Frame rates from 55-125fps

Pictor T Series

  • Stand-alone solution for industrial machine vision tasks
  • Extensive connectivity through standard interfaces such as
  • Ethernet, RS232 and digital I/Os.
  • Robust M12 plug-type connectors for reliable contact
  • Flexible drag chain suited cables
  • Extensive optics and lighting accessories
  • Powerful image-processing software package included
  • Graphic programming under Windows based on dialoques
  • Sercos interface

Pictor M Series

The Pictor M series of intelligent cameras provide a whole host of features

  • b/w or colour
  • 640x480 to 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution
  • up to 250 fps