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RoboVis® and GenVis are simple to use machine vision systems aimed at complex applications. Both use the same machine vision core calling on some of the finest image processing tools currently on the market. Neither need to be programmed, but both are highly configurable for a wide variety of tasks. The aim in both cases is to take powerful, fully featured vision technology to the shop-floor and make it accessible at all levels without the need of a programmer to install, configure and commission the equipment. On-going support of the systems to add inspections of new components is easily achieved by a trained tool-setter with limited IT experience.

Robovis is designed for robotic pick and place applications

Designed specifically for robotic pick and place applications RoboVis® has a distinguished history of reliability and service. Using powerful yet simple to use image processing 360 degree location of randomly orientated parts allows RoboVis® to pick up where lesser systems would not. For similar ranges of parts a graphical part selection screen makes it simple for an operator to change products. RoboVis® simplifies the automation further with the ability to tell the robot what program to run allowing a single point of control for the whole cell…more information

RoboVis® has been developed to be useful and practical, it may not be sufficient just to find out where to pick the part up from. The robot cannot decide if the pick co-ordinates will allow it a clear path to pick the component up. RoboVis® features collision detection - if there is another part in the robot’s path which would cause a crash RoboVis® will detect it to stop the robot crashing. Where multiple matches of a part are found RoboVis®checks which is the best part to pick based upon location in the image (i.e. nearest the end of a conveyor) and no potential collision occurring.

Teaching new parts is also an important element, RoboVis®allows the user to do this graphically and easily using industry leading shape recognition technology. Left/Right handed parts or mixed batches of parts can be detected and extra checks can be made to check critical dimensions or features before the part is picked and placed into the next process.

RoboVis® can store 1000’s of setups for widely different components including all their anti-collision, handed and robotic requirements.

These features, along with the other tools in RoboVis®, enable your robotic automation to be fast, reliable and consistent.

This video shows RoboVis being used with a Kawasaki 6 axis robot picking rough pressings of hydraulic fittings before placing into a Riello machine for further processing.