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Print Check

Streamlined for label and print inspection

Print and label inspection is a common machine vision task and is often critical to assure the appearance of the finished product or check that all information has been completely printed. Often print and label applications involve many changes and short batch runs so PrintCheck can swap to an existing product or be set up on a new one in seconds. 1000s of products can be stored for recall within a couple of clicks in the same way RoboVis and GenVis can. New products are taught on a number of good samples and PrintCheck stores what good products look like and is then ready to find faults.

What can PrintCheck can do:

  • Automatically teach new products by presenting a number of good samples
  • Find printing defects such as heavy printing, light printing, smudges, missing or wrong print.
  • Find label defects such as damage, creases, missing areas, mis-alignment, etc.
  • Find material defects such as inclusions, damage, marks, debris etc.
  • Add additional ‘samples’ to improve reliability whilst running

PrintCheck requires no programming and is designed to be used with a touch screen (or without if inky-fingers are a regular occurance!)