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Multi Camera Systems

For many processes multiple views or inspection points are a necessity and using multiple smart-cameras in a machine vision system can end up producing a solution that is unwieldy and costly. Utilising a central vision processor and a number of independent cameras often gives a very cost-effective, flexible and simple to deploy system.

Multi-camera systems come in 2 main categories,

  • “Smart” systems – these are similar in interface to smart cameras so benefit from being an embedded system but with the flexibility of multiple cameras and usually a greater number of interface options (I/O, Ethernet, RS232, etc).
  • Read about the Vicosys camera, an excellent example here.

  • PC-Based systems. These can be used to address tasks from the small and simple through to the most complex, have the widest choice of camera technologies and the benefits that a PC system can bring such as touch-screen interfaces and lots of storage for different setups and parts.
  • Please refer to our GenVis and RoboVis products for multi-camera PC based solutions
  • We can also offer completely bespoke, tailored systems if one of our standard products does not suit your requirements