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Vicolux smart lights

The expanded Vicolux smart light range from Vision & Control is now available.

So what is so smart about them ? Well, conventional LED lighting controllers do a great job of setting the brightness of the lighting but do not monitor the unit to ensure that whatever the prevailing conditions the unit is optimally adjusted to provide constant light. This is what the Vicolux smart light range does in combination with the Vision & Control DLC 3005 controller.

The product range now includes : -

  • Vicolux smart Bar lights in sizes from 10 x 30mm to 10 x 300mm in red, green, blue, white and infrared.
  • Vicolux smart Dome lights sized 60 x 18mm and 84 x 24mm in red, green, blue, white and infrared
  • Vicolux smart Ring lights in sizes from 38 x 20mm to 132 x 104mm in red, green, blue, white and infrared
  • DLC3005 controller with lugs for wall fitting or DLC3005-R controller to mount on 35mm DIN rail