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Enclosures & Mountings

​Available for almost every industrial camera on the market our universal system of mountings and enclosures from German specialists AutoVimation. Protect your camera and benefit from utilising standard, off the shelf, items to mount and adjust your cameras and lights to speed up integration and reduce design costs.


Your camera can be protected with IP67 rating from

  • High & low temperatures
  • Dust debris & foreign objects
  • Water
  • Harsh environments
  • Fingers & unwanted user interaction

Mounting kits

In addition to the protective enclosures a whole range of brackets, joints and arms are available to speed up integration time and reduce design costs.

  • Mount and pose lights and lasers around the camera either in-line or on-axis
  • Use the flexibility of the mounting system to give you the fine adjustment that is often crucial at commissioning 
  • Ease of mounting, aligning and installing
  • Connect lighting, lasers or other cameras with robust fixings

 The mounting blocks which fit almost any camera give

  • mechanical protection 
  • improved heat dissipation
  • Robust and adjustable mounting point 
  • Design & integration time saving
  • Ideal for laser triangulation
  • But they don't increase the IP rating of the camera