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Mounted Driver Assistance Systems for Industrial Vehicles including Forklifts, Trucks, Lorries, Tractors, Graders, Bulldozers, Excavators and Heavy Haulage.

Protect your workforce with with Embedded AI-powered Vision Technology. emitrace® adds an important layer of safety at your industrial work site. You can equip your vehicles with emitrace® driver assistance which is an industrial-grade vision system that detects people in the vicinity of the host vehicle and makes the driver aware of their presence through visual or audible alarm signals. Building on the proven AI-powered RefleX™ vision technology, emitrace® detects workers by sensing the reflective markers on common high-visibility clothing. The underlying detection principle enables emitrace® to cope with a wide range of illumination conditions and makes it highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in the day and at night.

The emitrace® collision avoidance system is an advanced system and an important part of your occupational safety and hazard prevention efforts. Accidents are prevented when your workforce wear hi-vis. The retro-reflective stripes on the safety garments provide the necessary visibility required by emitrace® to actively detect workers in any light. The sensor units with integrated data processing capabilities are fitted to your vehicle and power is provided by the vehicle battery. There are several warning options to choose from including visual and/or audible warning signals to the driver. Please download the brochures using the links below for more information.

emitrace® driver assistance system brochure download

emitrace® driver assistance product sheet download

Thanks to their embedded data processing capability, emitrace® sensor units are efficiently installed on a broad range of vehicle types without any further need for onboard PCs or data processing infrastructure.

emitrace® is designed for efficient integration and retro-fit on a wide range of industrial vehicles and machinery used in material handling, construction or mining. The sensor units are designed with flexibility in mind and provide an interface with versatile integration possibilities.

Fisher Smith are the official UK suppliers of emitrace®. Please contact us via the button below or call us on 01933 625162 to discuss your requirements.

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