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Tunnel to Dome

The new vicolux® tunnel light from Vision & Control is the cost-saving and flexible solution for switching to dome or cloudy day illumination in next-to-no-time. Two simple accessories are all it takes.

Whether it be for a ball joint, the curved base of a spray can or glossy folding cartons – this is the quick and uncomplicated way of eliminating shadows and cross-fading in the inspection image. All that is needed are attachable apertures and covers for the ends of the tunnel light. These enable a tunnel light to be turned into a dome or cloudy day light in next-to-no-time, for a cost-saving alternative to a dome light. Moreover, the modular design of the tunnel light series makes it extremely flexible in terms of length and diameter, and it also saves space into the bargain.

Vicolux® tunnel lights are ideally suitable for inspections of one-dimensional curved or axial-symmetrical parts or parts with surfaces which range from glossy to matt. They are specially designed to provide homogeneous illumination without reflections or shadows. The object being inspected can be moved through the light in a process with linear movement, meaning that high processing speeds are possible without the object stopping.

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