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The new vcwin® pro has arrived!

Download vcwin® pro

The new vcwin® pro 2.13 is now available for download with new calculator script and online debugging functions.

New function: calculator script

on the basis of Ruby 1.9

  • Calculates geometric elements (results, points, straight lines, circles, contours etc.)
  • Local variables (including floating point digits) within the command
  • A large number of mathematical functions (e.g. trigonometric functions)
  • Loop programming

New function: online debugging

  • Slightest delays compared to run mode
  • Visualisation of the current command in vcwin® pro
  • Unconditional and conditional breakpoints
  • Command history of the last 5000 commands

and much more!

Download vcwin® pro 2.13

vicosys® firmware version 4.16.213 is required to use the full range of commands.

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