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The Boris Johnson Partygate Investigation - A Machine Vision Solution?

There can be no denying that the Boris Johnson Partygate scandal in which the UK Prime Minister and various high profile aides have been caught breaking their own covid lockdown rules has ignited a national debate - when is a party not a party? Can it be measured by the number of sausage rolls present? Or whether or not booze has to be smuggled in (in a suitcase?!). Or can a party be that if the birthday boy is ambushed with cake? We're no political experts, but we do like to do our bit and with a police investigation ongoing we wondered if a machine vision solution could strip the emotion out of the debate and give us an objective view. Let us know on our social channels what you think to our solution..

Using machine vision and deeplearning to solve the problem, we set up the Cognex D900 Smart camera and the new EL Classify tool we quickly taught the system to recognise different types of objects and then distinguish between them at production rates. In this video we classify stock images as 'Meeting' or 'Party', not a normal machine vision application! No need to wait for an enquiry either - processing on the D900 smart camera takes just circa 80ms!

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