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Powerful dome lights with integrated electronics for fast processes

Vision & Control is currently expanding its vicolux product family to include dome lights in the SFD30/9 series with a luminous field diameter of 60 mm and a camera view of 18 mm, and also to include the SFD42/12 series with 85 mm/25 mm.

The required electronics are already integrated in the domes, or so-called cloudy day lighting, which means no external controller is necessary. Despite this, their height of 27 mm and 33 mm is low compared to conventional products. The domes are fitted with high power LEDs which have an extremely high light intensity of up to 50 klx. The lights can be controlled in any of the static/switchable, external controlled and external power flash modes.

Vision & Control is the only manufacturer to offer domes both with integrated electronics and also in combination with coaxial lighting systems.

Integrated electronics and a low height allow integration in machines/systems even where space is very restricted. The high light intensity enables the imaging of fast processes, such as bottle inspection, and a particularly homogeneous shadow-free illumination. The lighting can be expanded to the “full dome” with the beam splitter unit (STE), i.e. the camera view is also filled with light.

The new domes are offered with wavelengths from blue to infrared (455 to 950 nm) and white.

When controlling the lights in the static/switchable mode, the lighting is on only when it is needed for capturing an image (long lifetime with high optical performance). In the external controlled mode, the brightness can also be regulated using a potentiometer and control voltage. With the external power flash, i.e. flash operation, maximum brightness is achieved which is up to 20 times higher than in continuous operation.

Thanks to these outstanding features, the new lighting is particularly well suited for use in non-stationary processes as motion blur is minimised. The domes also guarantee shadow-free illumination of shiny, highly reflective and uneven test objects.

Areas of application include the beverage industry (bottling), the pharmaceutical industry (checking completeness of tablet blisters) and the packaging industry (reading codes and characters). The new lights are already being used successfully for inspections of blister-packaged tablets, to check products under transparent foil, for surface inspections of metallic objects to check for scratches and tears, and for inspecting the mouths of glass bottles.

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