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New Tunnel Lights

The new tunnel light from Vision & Control offers advantages primarily for users needing to carry out in-process inspections of their products while they are moving at high speed and with only limited space.
Tunnel lighting can be used instead of wide area vertical lighting and requires much less space in the line. The lighting is used for inspections of one-dimensional curved or axial-symmetrical parts or parts with surfaces which range from glossy to matt. It enables both continuous materials and single products with these characteristics to be illuminated homogeneously without reflections or shadows. This is made possible by its special design. The object being inspected can be moved through the light in a process with linear movement, meaning that high processing speeds are possible without the object stopping. For further enhancement these can be used in conjunction with STE coaxial light units to remove the influence of the camera hole for increased homogeneity.
The light can be easily and individually adjusted to the requirements of the specific process environment in terms of luminous field lengths and widths and light colours. The individual modules of the tunnel light are also available as standard products.
Example applications include the pharmaceuticals industry where they are used for the identification of colour codes on ampules. They can also be used for the detection of surface defects which stand out because of their colour, such as corrosion on turned parts which are otherwise shiny. In the packaging industry they can be employed to view printed images and make completeness and presence checks on (glossy) printwork/labeling including on curved containers.

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