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New bar lights for line-scan camera applications

Vision & Control is expanding its vicolux® product family to include diffuse bar lights in the LDLF30 and LDLF60 series, which can be used for industrial applications including determining the position of chocolates on production lines in the food industry, inspecting bottle labels in the beverage industry and character recognition, such as data matrix reading, on turned parts in the motor vehicle industry.
The powerful bar lights, with a width of 30 and 60 mm, can be used for homogeneous length-wise illumination of test objects using incident or transmitted light and are therefore particularly suitable for use with matrix and line cameras.
The new design of the lighting has impressive minimal casing dimensions, which include a low height, an illumination surface with minimal mechanical edge and an integrated connector. These produce the right conditions for a quick start-up and easy conversion. The low height of the body and versatile mounting options make integration easier in critically restricted spaces in the machine or system.
In addition to the standard lengths, there is an option of ordering lengths in fine gradations. This is particularly important when space in machines is restricted down to the very last millimetre.
Defined mounting holes on five sides and the integrated M5 connector (LDLF30 series) or M8 connector (LDLF60 series) enable quick and straightforward commissioning for every application. The bar lights are housed in a lightweight, anodised aluminium casing with a high degree of dimensional stability. Being light as a feather, the lights can also be mounted on moving parts. They are rated to IP50 level of protection.
All bar lights have a wide-range voltage input of 10 to 30 VDC and a separate gate input (TTL/SPS) for efficient pulse operation. In addition, up to 12 nominal wavelengths are available per series. The maximum power consumption is between 4 and 16 W (LDLF30 series) and 8 to 25 W (LDLF60 series), depending on the configuration.

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