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High-end MIPI camera modules for medical technology

Focusing medical technology, diagnostic, and laboratory applications, Vision Components launches a series of new MIPI camera modules that make proven high-end sensors accessible for integration with a wide range of embedded processor platforms. These new VC MIPI modules feature high image resolutions, high light sensitivity, low noise, and fast frame rates, combined with the advantages of the MIPI CSI-2 interface: they are cost-effective, low-power camera boards that can be connected to various embedded processors. The VC MIPI series is fully in line with the ongoing trend towards miniaturization and edge computing. The series design enables vision solutions with an optimal price–performance ratio. Vision Components uses a select choice of tried and tested, long-term available Sony Pregius and Starvis sensors for medical applications. Since these sensors have no native MIPI interface, the manufacturer has developed a MIPI converter that is integrated into the ultracompact camera modules.

New modules include VC MIPI IMX183 with a 20-megapixel resolution, 4K video support, and a global reset shutter – ideal for applications requiring maximum image quality and speed. The Sony Starvis sensor's backside illuminated (BSI) technology ensures high light sensitivity and a wide contrast range. VC MIPI IMX226 and VC MIPI IMX178 with 12 MP and 6.4 MP resolution respectively exhibit the same technologies. Vision Components has also integrated Sony Pregius IMX250 series sensors for applications with high frame rates and IMX260 series sensors for price-sensitive applications with lower speeds. The new MIPI modules are suitable for commercial solutions and long-term available like all VC cameras. Additional VC MIPI camera modules for medtech and life science applications are already on the road map. The manufacturer also completes customized developments. 

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