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Machine vision system rejects everything?! Solved

A customer contacted us with the news that whilst an inspection we’d installed was working well most of the time, occasionally it would reject everything. This characteristic had never been seen with the previous manual inspection regime, so the customer wasn’t happy and we had to check it out. The trouble was it was so infrequent it was a nightmare to diagnose. Thankfully, in the end the customer solved the mystery themselves and the customer phoned to tell me what they’d discovered. On the occasions when the machine rejected everything it was indeed correct to do so – the product was faulty, and it had became apparent that over many years the inspectors weren’t testing the components against a rigid requirement but instead were picking out ones that looked different, hence if they were all different in the same way they couldn’t see it! This was 20 years ago since we installed the first machine and this year will see the systems updated with shiny new software compatible with current technology and still doing sterling work maintaining high quality output of the prestigious product.

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