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LED spot lights now also available in an infrared version

The latest technology in the smallest space – this describes our extremely popular, tried-and-tested high-power LED spot lights, which are now also available in the wavelengths IR850 nm and IR950 nm. Miniaturisation in all industry sectors is a consequence of limited space for integrating image processing components in existing systems.

One solution to this is provided by the vicolux® RAL10 series and the vicolux® ULS6 series, which have the smallest dimensions and which can be precisely positioned in even the tightest of spaces in order to achieve optimum process illumination. The many potential uses of the new spot lights include test and inspection tasks during assembly processes in the automotive industry.

The new infrared spot lights reach a maximum illuminance of 150 mW/cm². The infrared versions of the lights can be combined with the broad range of daylight filters to suppress disruptive extraneous light. Test the new LED spot lights for yourself – we look forward to receiving your feedback!

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