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Fisher Smith application proofing facility improved

We recently decided to improve our application proofing area and chose local supplier Dura to come up with a compact storage and bench setup.

The new setup has given us much better storage facilities for illumination, optical and camera components along with cabling, power supplies and mechanical parts. The long work bench also provides a solid base on which to carry out trials and perform customer demonstrations.

Dura were rightly pleased with the results and produced the following article:-

Dura develops visionary workshop system
Industry leaders, Fisher Smith LLP have over 35 years knowledge and expertise in the design and supply, of machine vision systems. The company have developed two of their own machine vision platforms, for automatic inspection and identification, of manufactured parts on industrial production lines.  Their systems use a variety of camera technologies, and interface to a wide range of automation and robotic equipment.
As an innovative, development and supply company, Fisher Smith LLP had a problem common to many, utilising their space for both practical and client facing duties.  Their current set up meant technicians did not have sufficient storage facilities, and so were constantly having to move between rooms to obtain the specialist components for the tailored work they were conducting.  As the workstation is based within a client facing area, Fisher Smith needed a solution that reflected the precise nature of the products they supply.
Priding themselves on their insistence to supply technically excellent, robust and reliable products, it was important for Fisher Smith to partner with a supplier who shared their ethos, and approach to quality and reliability.
Integrated workshop design experts Dura, were contacted to create a storage solution that was functional yet aesthetically pleasing.  Due to the lack of storage two 900mm wide drawer units were installed, with a combination of draw depths.  This flexibility in the configurations, allowed maximum storage for both large and small apparatus.  The final unit installed was a 900mm wide cupboard that due to its size could be used for general storage purposes.
Having storage built into the workstation streamlined Fisher Smith LLP’s processes, making their productivity more efficient.  All cabinets were coated in Dura standard black/grey colour to provide a professional and visually appealing look for client meetings.
For more information on Dura’s award winning range of garage interior solutions, please call 0845 3711 0045 or visit

Partner Iain Smith said “ We are very pleased both with the high tech appearance of these units and their functionality. This was recently borne out when visitors from a high profile research agency were impressed by the visual impact and professional  image that this has given Fisher Smith LLP “

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