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Embedded vision system with miniature footprint for OEM projects

Vision Components presents VC picoSmart, an embedded vision system the size of a conventional image sensor module that greatly facilitates and speeds up the development of vision sensors. Image capture and processing are integrated on a 22 x 23.5 mm board. With the image sensor, processors, memory, and operating system already proven to work together perfectly, OEMs can focus on their vision sensor’s application-specific programming and hardware design. Target applications include object detection, position detection, code reading, edge detection, and fill level detection. Vision Components offers a ready-made sample application for object recognition within the OEM module VC picoSmart, using real-time processing in the FPGA. After a quick one-touch pattern teach-in, the system detects and matches the pattern in subsequent images. The manufacturer provides a developer kit for easy start and application development.

VC Picosmart embedded vision system with miniature footprint for OEM projects

VC picoSmart features a monochrome 1MP global shutter sensor with high light sensitivity and high frame rates, an FPGA, a high-end FPU processor, memory, and an FPC port to connect an interface board – or a display for live image output and for interaction and control. The FPGA handles most of the image processing tasks. The FPU processor, which runs the highly efficient real-time operating system VCRT, is available for additional tasks. This combination of FPGA and FPU ensures maximum efficiency and computing power while keeping power consumption low. This makes VC picoSmart ideal for mobile applications and edge devices. VC picoSmart is available as an OEM module as of now. Like all Vision Components products, it is available for long-term use and optimized for industrial applications.

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VC picoSmart is probably the smallest embedded vision system in the world

VC picoSmart is probably the smallest embedded vision system in the world.

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